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The Teach Yourself A Foreign Language Video Course

This in-depth course will take you through the process of learning a language. It will show you what methods and programs are effective, and which are a waste of time. No matter what language you are learning, or what level you are at, you will benefit from this course.

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MODULE 1: The Basics – Getting Started
1.1 Introduction
1.2 Benefits of Learning A Foreign Language
1.3 How Long Does It Take To Learn A Foreign Language?
1.4 How To Choose A Language To Learn?
1.5 Study Abroad and Immersion Programs
1.6 Taking A Class Versus Learning On Your Own
1.7 Study Time Management Tips
1.8 Individualizing Your Learning

MODULE 2: The Aspects of Language Learning
2.1 Aspects of Language Learning Pronunciation
2.2 Aspects of Language Learning: Vocabulary
2.3 Aspects of Language Learning: Grammar and Syntax
2.4 Aspects of Language Learning: Reading and Writing
2.5 Aspects of Language Learning: Aural Skills
2.6 Aspects of Language Learning: Conversation Skills
2.7 Combining the Various Aspects

MODULE 3: Selecting and Using Resources
3.1 Selecting A Language Resource
3.2 Using Multiple Resources Concurrently

MODULE 4: Specific Strategies
4.1 Important First Step
4.2 Recommended Second Step
4.3 How To Work With Audios
4.4 The Chunk and Review Method
4.5 Creating Your Study Log
4.6 Using Textbooks
4.7 An Alternative Method

MODULE 5: Other Considerations
5.1 Staying Motivated With The 5 Ps
5.2 Can Gamification Really Teach You A Language?
5.3 Social Media For Learning A Language
5.4 What Do I Think Of Rosetta Stone?

MODULE 6: Moving Beyond Beginner Level
6.1 Do-It-Yourself Learning Methods
6.2 How to Dramatically Improve Your Language Learning
6.3 The Hear and Understand Method
6.4 Working With Multiple Audios Simultaneously
6.5 Additional Steps
6.6 Obtaining Audios and Transcripts

MODULE 7: Moving From Intermediate To Advanced
7.1 Resources for Advanced Level Students
7.2 Understanding Native Speakers

MODULE 8: Bonus Chapters
8.1 How To Find Learning Materials For Your Target Language
8.2 Creating Your Own Language Learning Courses
8.3 Polyglotism: Learning Multiple Languages
8.4 How To Edit Your Own Language Learning Audios For Free
8.5 How To Create Your Own Language Learning Audios For Super Cheap


For A Limited Time, Get the Course Now For Just $34! (49% discount) CLICK HERE!

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